Project List

  • Analysis and model reduction of Wnt Pathway

Working the robustness and sensitivity analysis of Wnt pathway believed to be critical for certain kinds of cancers

  • Modelling & Control of Underground Coal Gasification

Leading a four engineers team on the development of modeling and control strategies for in-site gasification of Thar underground coal deposits. The work involves simplification of PDE based models to diff. equ. based models and the subsequent design of both nonlinear and linear robust nonlinear controllers.

  • Jaguar/Land Rover Project on Position Estimation

Currently working on a Jaguar/Land Rover Project concerning automotive position estimation.

  • OBDII based Embedded System Development

For OBDII based fault code and engine variable extraction, an in-house firmware was developed. The kit was developed on AtMega and PIC 32 processors. Led a team of a senior engineer and two junior engineers.

  • Automotive Engine Modeling and Simulation

Based on first principle basis and literature a nonlinear dynamic model was assembled and simulated using S-functions. The model contains engine air intake dynamics and rotational dynamics.

  • Automotive Engine Parameter Estimation

There are certain crucial parameters which can greatly help in condition monitoring of an automotive engine like Throttle Discharge Coefficient, Volumetric Efficiency, Combustion Efficiency and Load Torque. The team devised advanced nonlinear observers to estimate these parameters. The observers were successfully tested on a Honda 1300 cc production vehicle using only on-board sensors. The results were reported in five IEEE Transactions papers.

  • Automotive Engine Fault Diagnostics

The estimated parameters were used for the engine fault diagnostics using several methods like HMM and Residual Methods. The faults diagnosed included manifold leakage, throttle inefficiency and air filter choking. Similarly, misfire detection was also implemented by using novel algorithms as reported in the relevant IEEE journal publications referred below.

  • FMCW Radar Development

A small FMCW radar system was designed with its Front End Design and complete signal processing scheme. The radar has LPI capability.

  • Phased Array Radar development

A proof of concept phased array radar is being developed for demonstrating electronic steering capability. Successful field test of its single element module has been performed.

  • Control of PEM Fuel Cell Systems

A complete PEM fuel cell model was assembled and simulated. Subsequently, parameter estimation and controller design was accomplished.

  • Robust Control of Stabilized Platform

Robust linear controller for a 2DoF platform was designed and successfully tested on a ship.