Ph.D. Thesis

  1. Advanced sliding mode controllers for industrial applications by Dr Aamer Iqbal Bhatti (UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER 1998) [Download]
  2. Higher Order Sliding Mode Based Parameter Estimation and Control of Research Reactor By Syed Hameed Qaiser (CASE,2011)[Download].
  3. Fault Diagnosis Methodologies for Automotive Engine Air Intake Path by Qadeer Ahmed (MAJU,2011)[Download].
  4. Fault Diagnosis of Uncertain Nonlinear Dynamic Systems using Higher Order Sliding Modes by Muhammad Iqbal (CASE,2011)[Download].
  5. Robust Smooth Model-Free Control Methodologies For Industrial Applications by Sohail Iqbal (MAJU,2011)[Download].
  6. Misfire Fault Detection In Spark Ignition Engine Using Hybrid Model by Muddassar Abbas Rizvi (MAJU 2010) [Download].
  7.  Higher Order Sliding Mode Control Based SR Motor Control System Design by Muhammad Rafiq (MAJU 2012) [Download].
  8. Theory Of Dynamic Integral Sliding Mode And Its Applications by Qudrat Khan (MAJU 2012) [Download].
  9. Higher Order Sliding Mode (HOSM) based Online Parameter Estimation of a Nonlinear Model of Gasoline Engines by Qarab RAZA (CASE 2013) [Download]
  10. Higher-Order Sliding Mode Observer-Based Fault Diagnosis in Automotive PEM Fuel Cell System by Ijaz Hussain Kazmi (MAJU 2014) [Download]
  11. Higher Order Sliding Mode Based Parameter Estimation And Control Of A Pressurized Water Reactor by Safdar Hussain (MAJU 2014) [Download]
  12. Robust Control System Design for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems by Mahmood Pervez (CIIT 2014) [Download]
  13. Sub-Riemannian Problem on Lie Group of Motions of Pseudo Euclidean Plane by Yasir Awais Butt (MAJU 2015) [Download]
  14. Smooth Sliding Mode Control and its Application to the Phase Locked Loops by Muhammad Asad (CASE 2015) [Download]
  15. Mode Identification Based Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems by Muhammad Amin Akram (MAJU 2016) [Download]
  16. On Performance Based Design Of Smooth Sliding Mode Control by Imran Khan (CUST 2016) [Download]
  17. Application Of Sliding Mode Theory To Guidance And Control Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Syed Ussama Ali (CUST 2016) [Download]