Lab Facilities

An MSc thesis was completed on the topic of robust controller design for a benchmark aircraft. Presently two undergraduate groups are working on making an RPV autonomous. One PhD student is working on UAV guidance algorithms. An M.S student has devised successful decoupling controllers for a twin rotor platform resulting in three conference publications so far

16cc Remote Control Aeroplane


The main emphasis is on making early warning systems based on OBDII measurements. The work has been published in IEEE Trans on Industrial Electronics. The group purchased an automotive engine. The engine is being used to formulate engine speed control strategies. Work is being done actively on the development of novel misfire detection strategies. Five PhD students are working in this area.

1.3L Honda City Engine

A PhD student is working on the development of robust control strategies for stabilized platforms. He has successfully tested H-infinity and LMI controllers on the platform in the actual field trials. A group of undergraduate students worked on forward and reverse kinematics of a robotic arm. Another group has devised parking strategies for wheeled robots. Currently a group is developing a robotic arm.

Path Following Robot
Two PhD students and an MSc student are working on fuel cell system control and fault diagnostics to make cheaper fuel cells for domestic energy consumption. A portable fuel cell system has been imported. Experiments are being carried out for data acquisition and then system identification. Using sliding mode technique, the observers have been designed for parameter estimation which resulted in two conference publications so far

10 Watt Fuel Cell System