MoU Signed between MAJU, OHIO State and UET Lahore

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Everyone in Pakistan is well aware of the acute energy crisis being suffered by the masses. One of the primary cause is the dependence of the national energy mix on the imported crude oil. Transport sector, especially mass transit systems are also the major user of this precious energy resource. Controls and Signal Processing Research Group (CASPR) at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University took the initiative of taking R&D measures for making the medium duty vehicles hybrid resulting in significant fuel savings. Being strong in automotive research (produced four PhDs in automotive research so far), three PhD students are working on Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Prof. AamerIqbal Bhatti, at CASPR, MAJU is leading the CAPR team.

For this purpose, CASPR contacted Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at Ohio State University, USA. CAR is a world leader in the research and development of  Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). The role of CAR was particularly highlighted by the visit of US President Barrack Obama of the CAR research labs and facilities. CAR is being led by a world renowned Professor in Automotive Research , Prof Giorgio Rizzoni.

Center for Energy Research and Development (CERAD) at UET Lahore has also a very active group working on Hybrid Electric Vehicles, with the development of HEV laboratory in process. Prof Waqar Mehmood, Director CERAD and Prof Tahir Izhar are leading the initiative from the UET side. CERAD aims to develop strong R&D infrastructure in HEV’s at the KSK Campus of UET Lahore.

Prof Rizzoni has very kindly agreed to work with CASPR and CERAD for the development of HEV’s in Pakistan. CAR will guide CASPR and CERAD in the development of the state of the art HEV Lab at UET KSK Campus. The three parties will collaborate in the Hybridization of a medium duty mass transit/utility vehicle. PhD students from MAJU and UET will be accommodated by CAR for in-house training and collaboration. Joint research proposals will be pursued by the three parties.

To this end,

. Prof Bhatti from CASPR visited CAR, Ohio State University, for the formal signing up ceremony on December 12th, 2014.

MoU between MAJU, OHIO State and UET Lahore

MoU between MAJU, OHIO State and UET Lahore

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