To setup a dynamic research group, a bridge between academia and industry, acting as a catalyst in hi-tech industrial growth in the third world. It will be striven to make the group membership accessible to all, especially the down trodden classes of the society.


CASPR (Controls and Signal Processing Research) Group at M A Jinnah University is a Research Group at Department of Electronic Engineering at M A Jinnah University. Around twenty PhD students are working on the state of the art projects on Radar Systems, Automotive Control, Robotics, Fuel Cell Control and Aircraft Control. The main aim of the group is the development of high tech human resource in the area of Electrical Engineering for the third world. The developed HR will act as nuclei agents for the growth in hi-tech engineering areas. Controls and Signal Processing Research Group is a trend-setting research group in Pakistan’s engineering research horizon. The group started in 2001 in CASE Islamabad. The group includes five faculty members. One postdoctoral researcher is also working with the group. There are thirty full time/part time researchers in the group. There are nineteen PhD students and four Masters students. Major accomplishments of the group are elaborated later. In addition to the work on Higher Order Sliding Mode and its applications the PhD students are working on projects pertaining to Automotive control and fault diagnostics, Robotics, Radars and Aircraft Control and Guidance. Courses offered by the group memebers are.

Control System Courses
  1. Control Engineering
  2. Control System Design (Control Systems II)
  3. Robust Control
  4. Nonlinear Control
  5. Advance Topic In Nonlinear Control
  6. Sliding Mode Control
  7. Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMI) In Control
  8. Convex Optimization
Signal Processing Courses
  1. Radar Signal Processing
  2. Adaptive Filters

Group Structure:

  • The group has four full time faculty members and one adjunct faculty member.
  • 20 Ph.D. students member
  • 4 M.Sc. students
  • Students from CASE and Jinnah